Network Security Architecture Design And Review

Architecture and Design review for an enterprise analyzes and validates overall security.It is important that network security is often overlooked and security considerations are built in each stage of its evolution.Network security is an in-depth system that incorporates all elements of the network infrastructure. It acts upon security risks that threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business processes and information. DigitalTrack examines the current architecture design by analyzing the network infrastructure, spot checks on various network devices and gives recommendations where it could be improved. It maintains cooperative partnerships, working closely with network engineers and system developers to ensure that security requirements are adequately and accurately addressed throughout network and enterprise system architecture levels.

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In order to protect critical business services and assets, enterprises must be confident that their network security architecture provides a robust, comprehensive defense against both external and internal threats. DigitalTrack’s goal has always been to create and maintain a secure environment so that enterprises concentrate on the performance of their business. It identifies key assets of an enterprise and places security measures to protect those assets. The review is delivered by highly-experienced consultants, who are skilled at both securing and penetrating networks and systems. This helps to achieve compliance requirements by identifying improved internal controls and procedures that are needed to protect data from unauthorized access.

DigitalTrack reviews include a clear and concise overview of the risks identified, along with recommendations for mitigating those risks.The team works within the context of business objectives and security requirements, providing world-class Security Architecture Review to enterprises.

DigitalTrack identifies requirements of architecture by analyzing common threats and platform-specific vulnerabilities.The Security Architecture Review aims to provide a consistent and proven methodology for the adoption of advanced network technologies. The operational excellence can be achieved through ongoing improvements to the network upgrades and enhancements.

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