Since 1990’s, websites began to see increased traffic for which additional servers were required to expand applications. Unplanned Internet outages were common along with the existence of natural disasters like power outages, cable damage, router failure and security threats. ISP failures need to be maintained without affecting users or services. When an ISP fails, the Link load balancer (LLB) must ensure that the cloud technologies remain up and running. The critical links compliment networks and ensure that mission critical applications run impeccably. Hosted applications like CRM, order tracking, backup, or other services from cloud providers continue to be available even when ISPs fail to maintain higher productivity across the organization.In this configuration, the Server Load Balancing (SLB) systems act as a reverse proxy, presenting the hosted services to remote network clients.

DigitalTrack has partnered with companies to achieve uptime and network security for over a decade to ensure that all the traffic is balanced perfectly using the link load balancing and server load balancing features. Each link balancer has an automatic failover built-in to look over uptime and continuity of network connections.The correct link is used, and the network capabilities are constantly maintained.DigitalTrack helps in connecting Remote clients over the Internet to the SLB system which masquerades as a single application server, then forwards a connection to the optimal application server.

Enterprises experience problems with application performance as they are not able to conduct cost-benefit analyses for investing in technology solutions. DigitalTrack adds solutions for both outbound and inbound traffic that can be balanced intelligently so users have Internet access whenever they need it.

Even if an organization has disparate networks with different bandwidth, the sessions are to be prioritized to meet up the granular quality-of-service (QoS) policies to assure the applications remain available even when links fail by streamlines bandwidth management while providing maximum Internet access.

“Companies that derive value from A.I. are more likely to integrate their A.I. strategy with their overall corporate strategy.”

MIT Sloan