Software Defined Storage

Enterprises need a storage strategy that can embrace transformative technologies that come along without replacing existing infrastructure. By getting rid from proprietary hardware storages and dependency, Software Defined Storage (SDS) addresses the issue by dropping hardware from the storage equation. DigitalTrack helps in simplifying IT and allows enterprises to control the management of data through software. It provides enterprises the flexibility to opt for software that delivers storage management and data protection capabilities.

An increasing number of IT enterprises have adopted a Software-Defined architecture as a means of transforming data centres into an IT as a Service (ITaaS) model. Software Defined Storage (SDS) approach has emerged to bring simplicity and agility of cloud with the cost benefits of industry standard servers. DigitalTrack helps enterprises in understanding the developments of software-defined networking within the context of enterprise objectives and map the enterprises in best way forward. It provides Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions that were designed to scale up storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs.

“Companies that derive value from A.I. are more likely to integrate their A.I. strategy with their overall corporate strategy.”

MIT Sloan