Network Access Control

Today’s enterprise networks serve a vast array of traditional and nontraditional devices. The network-compatible end-devices within enterprises have been continuously increasing. This has caused administrational efforts in terms of security. Enterprises are looking for network security platforms to emphasize usage, monitoring, restrictions and protections around sensitive data.They need to know every device and every user accessing their networks.The installation of access control solutions like Network Access Control, NAC has made it possible to control the high number of communicating devices with fully automated network access. The NAC solutions are combined hardware appliances with software.

In order to prevent hostile users from contaminating the organization’s computer network,DigitalTrack provides the ability to control devices and users with automated responses to continuously scan networks and monitor enterprise owned devices as well as unknown devices. This allows visibility to watch over connections that are connected to the network.It can be enforced by operating on defined policy and rule-based restrictions. For highly distributed environments, DigitalTrack is associated with security experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience on working with complex network environments.The powerful analysis of network’s history and usage with threat prevention will safeguard network infrastructure by providing protection for all managed and unmanaged endpoints.

DigitalTrack enables Network Access Control over the network for continuous monitoring of corporate-sanctioned endpoints. This includes an extensive range of automated controls that preserve the user experience and keep business operations running to the maximum possible extent.

Thus, prevents cross-contamination of critical network components by unsecured endpoints. The certified experts at DigitalTrack manage services for the products with round the clock support that enables real-time visibility of users instantly as they join the network.

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