Cisco - Data Center Solutions

Data Center is the gateway to enterprise data in the cloud. It is important to ensure that only authorized users can get to applications that access data. To permit application security across the public and private cloud environments, Data Center Security allows enterprises to strengthen both physical and virtual servers with safe transitioning into software-defined data centers. Cisco provides a consolidated approach for securing Data Center transformation with full visibility and control of hybrid infrastructures. To ensure operational efficiency for any Data Center, the security solution needs to be agile by supporting automatic provisioning and deployment. Digital track deploys Cisco Data Center Security to assure non-stop surveillance of both private cloud and physical on-premises Data Center environments.

Cisco employs a wide range of security measures to prevent unauthorized access, including biometric access measures, locked server cages, surveillance systems, multiple forms of identification, etc. DigitalTrack’s vision is to provide integrated automation of Data Center Security with true single-pane manageability across the hybrid cloud. Security systems ensure the security and privacy of enterprise data are protected by Data Centers.

The access layer solutions allow any device onto the network, that provides the most flexible security platform with end-to-end protection. DigitalTrack is proud to be partnered with Cisco Data Center Security that has set a benchmark in terms of security standards. Continuous security coverage ensures that virtual workloads are always protected, regardless of their location and function. The Infrastructure and Data Center solutions are tailored to meet enterprise needs and business outcomes.

Our Value Proposition

DigitalTrack Solutions is a decade young organisation which accelerates the ambitions of its customers by delivering phenomenal value through its great team. As an organisation we believe in teamwork, diversity, innovation and integrity. We’re driven by professional eminence and always place our customers at the centre of anything and everything we do. With a dedicated Cisco Practice Team, we understand the customer scenarios and the pain areas better and provide suitable solutions. Our Professional Services team with experienced solution consultants ensure peace-of-mind to our customer's support requirement.

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