Software Defined Networking

In the present era of networking, number of connected devices are multiplying and increasing the demand for the network technologies even further. Traditional networks are slow and rigid to keep up with technological advances and variable IT requirements. This Prevents many organizations from innovating or reaping the value of their IT investments. To automate, scale and optimize networking for applications, Software defined networking (SDN) is developed as a modern approach that eliminates the complex and static nature of network architectures by centralized visibility of the network topology, network elements and their operation across the network infrastructure.SDN provides global traffic management by sending traffic to appropriate data centers based on network logic.The advanced feature of SDN includes taking snapshots of the network in configuration to help the enterprises quickly recover from any failures caused by the upgrades.

By leveraging the SDN, enterprises can define their own networks and modify networks to support digital upgrades. DigitalTrack centrally manages those networks with the performance of the SDN and look over the applications that are generating the most traffic.Businesses want to enable access to public and private cloud services. DigitalTrack offers enterprise experiences tools that support digital transformation with a guide through the SDN journey.

As SDN does not require a huge investment, DigitalTrack ensures SDN supports Layer 1 through Layer 3 networking models. The main focus is on reducing downtime, increasing data resiliency, and making disaster recovery planning more effective. Transforming device-specific networks into an integrated, virtual, software-defined network to increase enterprise agility.

The solutions and products are tailored for different scenarios to enterprise users with consistent use of ultimate user experience on both wired and wireless networks.DigitalTrack partners with the best to make sure organizations experience the Customized priority in Enterprise Interconnection Networks.

“Companies that derive value from A.I. are more likely to integrate their A.I. strategy with their overall corporate strategy.”

MIT Sloan