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Case Study – Trimex Storage

Executive Summary

Customer currently hosted tally on EC2 at AWS, they needed a backup for those tally data because every organization must maintain their financial data because that data is desired for the company's security. In this case study, customer needed to back up their data with cost effectiveness.

Customer Challenge

The customer needed to back up their data efficiently and cost effectively but had trouble setting up manually for the data storage and it’s back up. The data needed to be backed up to S3 with minimal cost. Since their data size differs, they also did not want to spend money on disc snapshots as they only required a segment of their data along with its back up and not the entire data stored. Since they kept the data in a different folder, they just wished to keep their tally data along with its back up.

Partner Solution

After we got in touch with the customer and understood their necessities, we suggested them to use AWS S3 storage as it met their requirements. The S3 bucket was used for the backup of their tally folder.

In view of the customer needs we made an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with an access key and secret key for S3 bucket access. As the data was sensitive in nature it needed to be stored securely along with its back up. We installed the AWS CLI and configured it with an availability zone, access key, and secret key inside the server to securely access the S3 bucket.

After setting up the S3 bucket and AWS CLI inside the server, we wrote the script and created a batch file, which was then activated by the local Windows task scheduler and set at 5.30 PM every day.

As the customer wanted the objects on S3 to be synced to the local server periodically, we used the AWS S3 sync functionality of the AWS CLI which will download only the objects that are present in the source S3 bucket and will not present or modify it in the destination.

The customer would use S3 sync, which will only download the new files or the files that have been modified.

Result and benefits

As a result of the installation of the AWS EC2 and S3 bucket software the customer could cut down on unnecessary spending and preferred it over disc snapshot as it was over their budget. The software helped to reduce their snapshot costs by more than 50%. The data was stored more securely and the back up was made available for the customer in any future instances. The customer could reduce the work performed manually after the AWS software was installed. The customer data was stored, backed up and synced systematically and periodically.

Architecture Diagram

AWS Services Used

  • S3 Bucket
  • EC2
  • IAM
  • CloudWatch


About Trimex

India's top specialty value chain provider for industrial minerals, the Trimex Group is a minerals business house with interests in extraction, sourcing, procurement, delivery, and R&D. Trimex delivers products such as Barite, Bentonite, Iron Ore, Feldspar, Bauxite, Ball Clay and Kaolin, among others, to the world's leading Oil Drilling, Ceramic, Glass, Construction, Energy, Steel, and Fertilizer companies.

Founded in 1985, Trimex's global delivery network includes offices in India, Indonesia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Production operations are conducted from multiple locations in the CIS, Africa, and West Asia.

The Group manages the minerals business through two strategic business units. Trimex International, based in Dubai, oversees the international business. Trimex Industries represents the Indian operations of the Group.