Business Continuity

Data is a valuable commodity. Any business that collects data needs to have a secure and well-structured disaster recovery plan. No matter how secure an enterprise network is, it’s never invincible to cyber threats. Business continuity withstands outages and helps enterprises to operate applications without interruption. It addresses the operational environment and end user interfaces to deliver complete continuity solution.DigitalTrack helps enterprises to secure critical Application and ensures Business Continuity for data protection, replication and disaster recovery.

Enterprises replicate and mirror data for a variety of reasons. DigitalTrack helps in providing Replication as an easy and secure way to consistently replicate data between a main data center, a disaster recovery site, remote locations, and the cloud by reducing overall disk and tape storage requirements. It helps enterprises to seamlessly manage the stack workloads even when one or more of the components fail.

Disaster Recovery planning is a vital process that every enterprise ensures continuity of computing operations in the event disaster strikes. It ensures critical business information can be recovered quickly and efficiently in order to minimize downtime and keep enterprise business running.

DigitalTrack helps in optimizing disaster recovery services that entail scalable, flexible, & secure data without requiring changes to existing IT infrastructure. It delivers innovative business continuity solutions that challenge the traditional industry barriers of scale, cost and complexity.