The first and foremost need for every organization irrespective of the industry or size is Network. Networks are the means of communication that enables us to have accessibility to any point across the globe. To put it directly, the internet is a vast bunch of computers connected to one another. Since the network is the backbone for communication, designing a network requires experi

DigitalTrack as a pioneer in the field of networking has been able to levitate the burden of Network Infrastructure architecture and deployment from the clients. It goes beyond doubt that businesses cannot sustain without proper networking. Digitaltrack as a partner specialize in providing secure, robust and scalable network for organizations of all sizes. We take a holistic approach to design a network considering Wired & Wireless LAN, WAN, Inbound and Outbound Traffic and growth factor of the organization. We make sure that the proposed architecture can accommodate multifactor growth in size so as to not render the initial investment obsolete.

Our Offerings

Network Audit:

Our Offerings For both organizations with an existing infrastructure as well organizations who want to build an architecutre from scratch, we provide auditing services and recommend architecture and infrastructure changes and deployment strategy.

Infrastructure Deployment:

We configure and deploy networks incorporating organization requirements, compliance and industry best pracices.

Supply and Support:

As a partner we supply, deploy and support clients for issues as well as minor to major changes in the infrastructure including integration with other solutions.

Our Major Focus:

  • WAN
  • SD-LAN
  • SD-WAN
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Automation & Orchestation Solutions